Kindness Walk

Even a blind man can see that one act of kindness makes the world a better place. That better world begins with you.

 - Robert F. Smith

The Purpose of the Kindness Walk

Robert F. Smith is going to begin The Kindness Walk on October 19, 2018, and will begin at Long Beach, Ca, (Pine Avenue Pier) and it will end on November 20, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada. (On the Las Vegas Strip. To be determined.). Robert’s dream initially was to complete raising funds for a service dog that was needed for Tyler Renfro, who has severe autism and diabetes. Robert didn’t realize how much larger the vision would grow. Robert is going to deliver Flags from Flags of Valor to Veterans in the cities and towns he passes; He will support other people with disabilities and reach out to children with life-threatening challenges.

Along his travels it is his hope to distribute 1,000 sport game towels, (Robert co-created) to our deployed Veterans and special needs classes; and last but not least Robert will share 1,000 sock puppets to share with children who need a smile. Robert has a non-profit called “The Little Green Apples Project”, and it is thru this non-profit The Kindness Walk was born. The purpose of The Little Green Apples Project is to share Intentional Acts of Kindness to people,
Therefore, as he walks each day, he will share with non-profits and communities as he passes thru them. We look forward to your participation.


We want you to be part of our walk and you can sponsor as many steps as you wish. Each step is only a 25-cent donation. This 30-day walk will exceed 800,000 steps. Each step taken represents an intentional act of kindness.

You can sponsor The Kindness Walk with as little as 25cents per step. Decide home many steps you wish to sponsor and make a donation in the Little Green Apples Project Store or visit for more information.