Even a blind man can see that one act of kindness makes the world a better place. That better world begins with you.

 - Robert F. Smith

History Apple

It all started with one little green apple. Robert’s father, OC Smith was a singer and known for a Grammy song back in the late 60’s. It was called, “Little Green Apples”. To honor his father, Robert wanted to do something special. Robert has been blind since birth but that hasn’t stopped him from dreaming and achieving. Shortly after the Little Green Apples Project was created, Robert set his mind to accomplish one objective; to do Intentional Acts of Kindness. Currently Robert is raising funds for a service dog for Tyler Renfro, who has severe autism and diabetes. To help him accomplish this task Robert is preparing for a 400-mile journey from Long Beach California to Las Vegas, Nevada; (Journey begins October 19, 2018) in addition, Robert will also honor veterans, people with disabilities and children with life-threatening challenges. This project has become a journey in itself and it has evolved into an organization that is committed to helping others. We hope you will join Robert’s efforts in continuing to do Intentional Acts of Kindness and making this world a better place.