About Robert

“Even a blind man can see that one act of kindness makes the world a better place … and that world begins with you.”

 - Robert F. Smith


Shortly after Robert F. Smith’s birth, he became blind. His father taught Robert that blindness could become his greatest liability or his greatest asset. Robert, is an example of how to love people unconditionally, be forgiving, and if there is an act of kindness - jump right in! Robert’s father was the late O.C. Smith. O.C. was known for a Grammy hit song, called “Little Green Apples,” written by Bobby Russell. The intention of our website is to be involved in Intentional Acts of Kindness - without expectations. Robert wants others to become involved, so kindness replaces sadness and hopelessness. The Little Green Apples song shows kindness throughout, and with your donation to our cause, Robert can continue doing intentional acts of kindness.

The Kindness Walk: Each fall Robert walks 350-450 miles to support organizations making a difference. recently, Robert walked from Long Beach, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. He took over 1,400,000 steps so he could support a little boy to get a service dog, which is now being trained thru 4Paws for Abilities. On Robert’s, walk he also honors Veterans through concerts, talking to them and sharing other gifts to them. This year Robert wants to help First Responders and so instead of reinventing the wheel, Robert’s intention is to raise funds for The Gary Sinise Foundation, www.GarySiniseFoundation.org who has an incredible track record of success. So, each step will be to support this organization.

Doopalpoops - Puppets With A Purpose. During our walks Robert has a dream to distribute over 1,000 puppets to schools, non-profits, and churches. Each puppet has a purpose because it is tied into doing acts of kindness. www.Doopalpoops.com. It is Robert’s intention to enlist other retailers and specialty and craft shops to become involved in sharing the Doopalpoops.


This website is dedicated to O.C. Smith. Although O.C. Smith has passed, there are many fond memories of O.C. Smith. Because of his voice and his love for others, Robert has dedicated this website to his father, by naming it after the song he was known for…"Little Green Apples". If each one of us would share "Little Green Apples," through our life, and give to others, knowing it will make a difference, the world would be a much better place. O.C., your friends and your family miss you, so to honor you, we will continue on our quest to do "Intentional Acts of Kindness!" Thank you for your gifts, your voice, but most important of all, the love you shared…and continue to share through us. Each year as I do The Kindness Walks, I will remember your wisdom to always give unconditionally and always be ready to forgive.
Robert may be blind, but he has 20/20 vision of the heart. Contact Robert and be a part of making this world a better place.