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“Even a blind man can see that one act of kindness makes the world a better place … and that world begins with you.”

 - Robert F. Smith

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Thanks for making the first step to submitting your intentional act of kindness. Whether you already have completed one or you are creating one, we are supportive so if you have any questions please contact us. The challenge is, "Will you take the next step"? You are about to make a difference in somebody's life. GO FOR IT!

You also have the option to click the support button and Robert will add you to an intentional act of kindness he is involved in.
What’s an intentional act of kindness, you ask?
A planned or spontaneous intentional act performed to benefit another person with no benefit to the person performing the act other than a good feeling. These acts may also benefit a group of people, an animal(s), or other living thing(s). Kind, encouraging or comforting words spoken with that intention can also be a kind act.
Fill out the form below for each intentional act of kindness you wish to share. Each time you wish to share an act of intentional kindness, fill out the form again. These submissions are moderated. Please, no spam! Acts that harm or demean any individuals, groups, animals or the environment will be deleted.