How Can I Help?

“Even a blind man can see that one act of kindness makes the world a better place … and that world begins with you.”

 - Robert F. Smith

Share your idea 

  • Perform an intentional act of kindness and record it HERE

  • Help me reach my 2016 Professional Baseball Season budget goal and I’ll send you my virtual baseball card.

  • Visit my Little Green Apples store. Every purchase helps me towards my goal of throwing first pitches and reaching my million acts of intentional kindness.

InfinityShare™ Campaign and Paid2Save App

  • You like to eat, right? I want to pitch baseballs. Here's a win-win way to help me. Go to our InfinityShare™ campaign site. Contribute $25 to my cause and receive a $25 eGift Card as our "thank you." Have a bigger appetite? Contribute $50 and receive a $50 eGift Card. The eGift Cards can be redeemed as a gift certificate and applied to your dining bill at over 22,000 restaurants across the U.S. The more you eat, the more I pitch!

  • If you like to shop on your smart phone, we have an app in association with the Paid2Save Network that gives you access to major retailers, provides you with good discounts, and helps me raise funding for my quest. To download this free app, from your phone go into Google Play or your App Store, type in Paid2Save. When prompted, please type in Little Green Apples Project's access code: 74843 and you can enjoy the savings!