Kindness Walks

“Even a blind man can see that one act of kindness makes the world a better place … and that world begins with you.”

 - Robert F. Smith

The Purpose of the Kindness Walk

Robert F. Smith walked almost 1,500,000 steps in 32 days from Long Beach, California (Pine Avenue Pier) to Las Vegas, Nevada. Robert’s dream initially was to complete raising funds for a service dog that was needed for a boy who has severe autism and diabetes. Robert didn’t realize how much larger the vision would grow. Robert was able to touch the lives of Veterans, children with life-threatening challenges and, as usual, Robert always reaches out to those who have disabilities. Along his travels, he distributed multiple sports game towels. He was able to share his games with Veterans, Boys & Girls Clubs, churches and others. Last but not least, Robert shared over 500 Doopalpoops puppets to share with children who needed a smile. Robert has a nonprofit called “The Little Green Apples Project”, and it is thru this non-profit that The Kindness Walk was born.

Robert is doing one day events in 2021 and 2022. This will lead up to our Palm Springs to San Francisco Kindness is Contagious Walk Over 1,000 miles and over 2 million steps The purpose of the special event days and the Palm Springs to San Francisco Kindness is Contagious Walk is to continue to provide financial support for heart surgeries for children who have been on an extended waiting list; to place shoes on the children who walk thru disease infested areas in bare feet or sandals; and to continue to recognize our Veterans and First Responders, and to assist those with disabilities, and children with life-threatening challenges.


We want you to be part of our walks and practice walks throughout the year. Each step is only a 25-cent donation. Each step we take is so we can raise funds to Do Intentional Acts of Kindness Without Any Expectations. You can sponsor any of our steps for a quarter a step. Decide how many steps you want to sponsor and make a donation in The Little Green Apples Store. for more information.